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Product Name: Femrice 100/1000Mbps/10Gbps Dual Port RJ-45 Copper Cable Ethernet Server Adapter

Type No.:  FM-X540-BT2


The Femrice 100/1000/10000Mbps Dual Port RJ-45 Copper Cable Ethernet Server Adapter (FM-X540-BT2) builds of excellence in Femrice Ethernet products. Femrice continues its market leadership with this new generation of PCIe* GbE network adapters. Built with the Intel X540 Chipset Ethernet Controller, these adapters represent the next step in the Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) networking evolution for the enterprise and data center by introducing new levels of performance through industry-leading enhancements for both virtualized and iSCSI Unified Networking environments. This new family of adapters also includes new power management technologies such as Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) and DMA Coalescing (DMAC).

Products Description

The Intel X540 family of products works with existing networks today. It works with legacy Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switches and Cat 6A cabling. Install the Intel X540 adapter into a server and the auto-negotiation between 1 GbE and 10 GbE provides the necessary backwards compatibility that most customers require for a smooth transition and easy migration to 10 GbE. When time and budget allows, 10GBASE-T switches can be added any time to experience the full benefits of 10 GbE.

10GBASE-T uses the copper twisted pair cables that are very familiar to IT profes- sionals today. It is everything you know and love about 1000BASE-T. The knowledge, training and investment in BASE-T are preserved. 10GBASE-T is the easiest and most versatile 10 GbE and you can deploy it anywhere in your data center. Its flexible reach from 1 meter to 100 meters supports the latest network architectures including Top of Rack (ToR), Middle of Row (MoR), and End of Row (EoR).

Product feature and specifications

Products Name

100/1000/10000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet Server Network Card

Products Type



Intel X540 Gigabit Controller

Bus Interface

PCI-Express x8 (x16 PCI Express slots)

Whole Duplex

Compatible Whole Duplex and Half Duplex

Network Interface Type

RJ-45 Copper Cable*2, (100BASE-T1000BASE-T10GBASE-T), LC Fiber

Transmission Speed


Transmission Medium Type

100BASE-T, 100m on CAT6 or CAT6A

1000BASE-T, 100m on CAT 5e, CAT6 or CAT6A

10GBASE-T, 100m on CAT6A, 55m on CAT6

Network Standard

IEEE802.3 (100BASE-T1000BASE-T10GBASE-T)

Date Rate/Distance






Long-range Awaken Function


Compatible Operating System

Windows* 7 (IA32 and X64)

Windows Server* 2008 (x64 and IPF) 

Windows Server* 2008 Core (x64 and IPF) 

Windows Server* 2008 R2 (x64 and IPF) 

Windows Server 2008 R2 Core (x64 and IPF) 

Linux* SLES 11 SP1

Microsoft Windows Server 2003*

Microsoft Vista*

SUSE* SLES 10* or later
Professional 9.2 or later Microsoft Windows Virtual Server* 2005*

Red Hat Enterprise* 4* or later FreeBSD* 5.x or later support VMware* ESX 4.0/4.1, 
ESXi 5.0 support Fedora*

EFI* 1.1

Working Humidity


Storage Temperature

-40°C-70°C (-40°F-158°F)

Working Temperature

0°C-55°C (32°F-131°F)

Storage Humidity

35°C 90%



Full-height Bracket




Low-profile Bracket


Packing Standard Size (Unit)


Products Advantages

1.Femrice own brand products and own factory;
2.PCI Express x8, Intel X540 Chipset, Dual-port RJ45 Copper Cable;
3.Usually used in HP, IBM, DELL, LENOVO, INSPUR, CISCO, ASUS servers;
4.The latest high-performance and self-configuring optical network card;
5.SFP optical module support hot plug, plug and play standard specification;
6.Support iSCS remote wakeup;
7.Multi-core CPU load balancing;
8.Virtualization and Optimization Function;
9.Terminal to Terminal Wired Safety;
10.On board Manage Function;
11.Through certifications of FCC, CE, ROHS, REACH,.etc;
12.High quality and reasonable price.

Software Features

1.Low Cost, Low Power, 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) Performance for the Entire Data center;
2.Standard CAT-6a Cabling with RJ45 Connectors;
3.Backward Compatibility with Existing 1000BASE-T Networks Simplifies the Transition to 10GbE;
4.Flexible I/O virtualization for port partitioning and quality of service (QoS) of up to 64 virtual ports;
5.Unified Networking Delivering LAN, iSCSI, and FCoE in One Low Cost CNA;
6.Industry First Dual-Port 10GBASE-T Adapter with Single-Chip Solution with Integrated MAC + PHY;
7.Reliable and proven 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology from Intel Corporation;

Using Environment

Servers, Industrial Machines, Security Equipment, Traffic Control, Computer Room, Network Expansion, .etc.

Partners and End-Users

China Telecom, China Netcom, China Railcom, China Unicom, Space Unisign servers, Bank of China, Founder Technology, Dawning servers, Lenovo servers, IBM servers, HP servers, Dell servers, the Great Wall Broadband, Beijing Radio and Television General Institute , World Chinese Youth Federation, Tsinghua Huambo, China Urban Planning and Design, Gehua, The People's Republic of China Ministry of Railways, China City Planning Information Network, etc.


Femrice Ethernet network cards and optical modules, a 3 months replacement and a 3 years global warranty.


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